2019 E.S.T. FEST Vendor's Application


This is the application to become a vendor at E.S.T. FEST 6.
There are two parts to this application. A vendor's license is required along with any images that cannot be found on your business website in order to be considered for E.S.T. FEST 6. Please be sure to read all information and complete all fields.

If you do not supply adequate information, we will be unable to process your application. 

Thank you for your interest in vending at E.S.T. FEST 6!

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Type of Business *
Mobile units include self-contained trailers or food trucks that will serve as your sales booth. If you are applying to operate a mobile unit, please list full dimensions here.
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I understand that I must supply my own tent, table, and chairs *
Tables must fit within 10x10 square feet (or respective vendor space) and any tent that is not supplied by EST FEST must be approved in advance.
I understand that this is an outdoor festival that happens rain or shine. I understand that booth fees will not be refunded due to inclement weather. *
Note any vegetarian options and average pricing.
We will use this to describe you on website/social media. Please limit this to 2-3 sentences.
By submitting this application you agree to the terms below. The above application is for participation in E.S.T. FEST 6. You will receive a confirmation email that your application was received and a status update within two weeks. Keep in mind, not all vendors who apply will be accepted to participate. Thanks so much for your interest in being a part of E.S.T. FEST! *
PLEASE READ AND ACKNOWLEDGE: VENDOR SPACE: Standard vendor spaces are 10' x 10'. Vendors can, if deemed necessary by EST FEST, purchase a larger space. Double booth spaces are 10'x20'. Each vendor is responsible for providing his or her own tables, tent and tent weights, chairs, and display surfaces, although there is not a specific requirement to what your set-up should look like. We strongly encourage creativity with how you display your booth and your goods. No booth sharing unless approved by EST FEST at least 30 days prior to the festival. Each potential applicant must apply individually and be accepted to participate as such. Approved vendors will be assigned a set up time and instructions. Note that EST FEST will not be responsible for any damage or theft of personal belongings or merchandise, or loss of any product due to external factors. Please be careful and responsible for your area and we advise that vendors carry their own insurance. Any accidents caused by a vendor’s set-up or goods will be the responsibility of that vendor. EST FEST is not responsible for any personal injury during our events. VENDOR FEES: Upon application review and acceptance for participation, vendors will be required to pay the appropriate vendor fee by a date to be specified on the notification of acceptance. All payments will be remitted electronically. If you are interested in being both a vendor and a web sponsor, please let us know via email and we can send you current rates. All paid vendors will be listed and linked on the EST FEST website. REFUNDS: Unfortunately we cannot give refunds for vendors fees. FOOD: "Food Vendors" are considered those selling food that is cooked on site and edible on site as well as pre-packaged items that may or may not fall under the Cottage Industry standards. Food vendors are also required to provide AT LEAST one garbage can (13 gallon or larger) and will be held responsible for disposing any grease or similar leaving on the site, whether rain will wash it away or not. Food Vendors are required to abide by all City, State and Federal Regulations that apply to their business and their presence at EST FEST. EST FEST is not responsible to provide Food-specific guidelines to vendors. Vendors are not permitted to sell water at any time. Electricity is provided only to vendors for an additional cost. Industrial outdoor use extension cords must also be supplied by vendors who require access to electricity. STATE SALES TAX: All vendors are responsible for abiding by all tax laws and collecting the 6.5% sales tax for Ohio on each sale. For more information about this you can contact the Ohio Department of Revenue or view taxation requirements on their website. Be responsible for sales taxes, licenses, permits, insurance and fees as necessary and/or required by law to conduct your business. We must leave it to you to be responsible for any requirements that might apply to you. CANCELLATION OF BOOTH SPOT: EST FEST reserves the right to dismiss any vendor from any event. MEDIA RELEASE/CONSENT: I, the undersigned, do hereby release all rights or claims in connection with the photo(s)/videotape in which I appear, for use by EST FEST and all sponsors. I understand that the photo(s)/videotape, if used, will be for the promotional purpose of assisting future EST FEST events. I waive any right to inspect or approve the finished photos and/or advertising copy. All photographs, negatives and videotapes shall constitute the sole property of EST FEST. I declare that I am of legal age and have every right to contract in my own name in the above regard.